独立研究项目 Independent Research Projects

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独立研究项目 Independent Research Projects


To encourage individual learning, students engage in two independent research projects during their time at Dalton, one in Senior Two and another in Senior Three.

高一学生的准备阶段 Preparation for Senior Ones:


Senior One students begin this process with skills development and carefully chosen smaller projects built into their regular coursework. Each discipline contributes to the skills development beginning in the first semester. For example, mathematics teaches basic statistics helpful for conducting surveys; in history, students analyze primary sources and then learn to make evidence-backed arguments. In the second semester, students begin to utilize those skills on small-scale projects. These faculty members collaborate as needed with the rest of the faculty to assist as necessary with grading.

高年级学生整年的项目 Year-long Projects for Upper Seniors:


After year-long preparation, Senior Two students begin their paths of their own project. At the beginning of the semester, they choose their own topics of interest, and a supervisor within the faculty that will guide them through the whole process. The students will conduct researches and surveys, analysis the results, derive their own conclusions, and write a paper all by themselves. Along the process, they must keep a detailed journal of what they did for each step. After that, they will review their research process, and write a brief reflection. Finally, they will present their works to all the students with a poster. Every student should commit at leat 100 hours for the whole IRP. The teacher will grade them based on the process, the essay, and the presentation. The same process is repeated in Senior Three.

独立研究项目课程 IRP Class:


Independent Research Project class is a year-long twice-a-week compulsory class in both Senior Two and Senior Three. One of the two classes in the week is IRP training course taught by a guiding teacher, while the other is an independent working session. In total, the class is 1.5 hours per week.

独立研究项目的导师 IRP Supervisor:


Each student can choose their IRP supervisors based on their topics and the interest of the faculties. The supervisor can and only can provide guidance, while all the exact works must be done by the students themselves. The students should meet with their IRP supervisors once every two weeks for 30 minutes to discuss about their IRPs.


Progress toward completion of an IRP is monitored by the IRP Coordinator and each student's individual IRP supervisor by following the student's reflection journal and through one-on-one meetings. Along the way students must pass certain check points before they can continue to the next step. These include listing their sources, compiling note cards (physical or digital), completing an outline and initial draft, and other steps identified by the IRP Coordinator.

优秀作品 Past IRP Topics:

Acting Profession—Past and Present in China 中国演艺生涯的历史与现况
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, and Slavery in the United States

What drives China's migration—motivation of China's internal migration 中国人口内部流动的动机